Disarrayed mind?

Ex and I been broken up for a little over 2 years now
he found out I miscarried he was there for me
said he wanted to fix the relationship
but then soon to find out I found out he was cheating
he left me for her of course
we cut all ties then he and I reconnected as friends because I looked to him for advice about a dispute I had with a friend who he once was friends with
we talked about old times and he expressed
how he missed me and the old times and us living together once upon a time
I miss him often the good and bad memories I hold close to me I thought he was my soulmate
he why is it he has pictures up with me still after years have gone by and none up with his girl and she has pictures up with him.
Whats that mean am I reading too up on this


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  • It means you're an idiot for having anything to do with an ex


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