He broke up with me in a TEXT message and I'm absolutely heart broken and I don't know what to do?

We have been together for a year and doing a Long distance relationship for most of that time (upwards of 8 months). After ghosting me and not texting or returning my calls for a few weeks he texted me tonight ( a few days after our anniversary of meeting) and broke up via text message. It was a very short exchange I've been thinking we should see other people I don't feel a connection. I asked if I could call him to talk about it because I didn't feel like a text was a fair way to end a year relationship and told him I wasn't mad. He said he made up his mind this is what's best for both of us, he doesn't want to waste my time and the time we had together wasn't wasted and we can both learn from our time together for the future. I told him I thought breakup via text was Cowardly​ and after a year long relationship we both deserved much better and I'm sorry it had to end this way. 2 texts each and a few ignored calls on a his part and that's that after a YEAR seriously... I am angry that I dont have clourse that I need and deserve. I don't know what to do there are going to be too many places and things that remind me of him and make me upset and miss him. 💔💔💔💔 I'm absolutely heart broken. I loved this man and I had hoped we could survive this long distance relationship and he wouldn't do this to me.
Note : he is 22 (almost 23) and I'll be 22 in a few weeks. So this isn't highschool drama so please don't judge!


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  • I personally think that it is rare for a long distance relationship to succeed but if it goes through some initial blow it would be a great relationship better then child hood sweet heart... in relationship... , you loved him and most probably he loves you too... but I think he is in love with someone else and is in relationship... so don't want to hurt you or something... and he is afraid that he would love you again if you called him.. you know it would have been much harder for him... so move on for both of your sake...


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  • To be honest, if he's almost 23 and he chooses to break up with a girl through text then that sorta says a lot about who he is. There's plenty of better guys out there and now you're free to meet them c:


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  • he's just a scumbag and long distance relationship are quite messy most of the time

  • He didn't deserve your love. The person who tells that it was just time pass really don't care for you. You should forget him and move on. I know that it is difficult to do it but you has to because you have a long life.

    I know how it feels when someone ditches you. Search out for other guy who really deserves you and your love.

    That guy was not for you and thank God that your rest of the life was saved. Move on and don't regret it was none of your fault.

    Hope it helps.


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  • I can understand why you feel this way. He did not give you enough information and reason as to why he broke up with you. I am sure there are many thoughts going through your head, perhaps wondering "what is wrong with me?". But how I see it, it may have nothing to do with you. It sounds like this was about him. I know you want closure, you deserve it. I hope you get it out of him one way or another.


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