A really sad story. What wrong have I done I wonder?

Warning, this is going to be very long! I met my fiancée abroad while I was atudying in the U. S. It was truly magical. We would spend time between classes togther after school is done we would always hang out and forget about our friends. We couldn't take the time consuming distance between us so we moved into where she lives an old house that her mum owned in which I paid a monthly rent so I could stay. Fast forward I graduated and now there is a choice of either we break up or one of us moves. I did not really want to leave my family but it was a sacrifice that I took. So, we get engaged and apply for a fiancée visa which takes about 7 months. These months were truly hard. There is a 7 hour time difference and again I was the one willing to wake up at 3 AM everyday. So I get accepted but gave it up for love "two yr contract. she said it'll all be worth it. With time my so grew angry with me for no reason. Pointing out my imperfections in which I was happy to fix. So I read books on anger management, children and how to improve relationships. Even when I was at the gym getting ripped for my love I listened to ted talk. I was committed on being the best husband, father in the world. Yet, I know my love and accept her with all of her imperfections. Fast forward few days. Before I travel to see her she texts me to check my email. She broke up with me over an email. I lost it. I asked her why? But she wouldn't really give me closure or say why her only words were I am happy, relieved that we are not together and I want to explore meet new people. Wtf? Here I am broken to pieces wasted 8 months of my life, so much money onto a visa she easily canceled, skipped a full ride scholarship, angered my parents who never aproved of her, wasted a nonerefundable ticket. I was into pieces but she didn't care and depressed right now I lost my mind over why she broke up. How do you overcome a betrayal like this? Let me reinstate we were really happy and planned everything.
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Just wanted to add important points.
I love her so so much.
We've been together over 2 years
We were happy when we were together but she got more distant towards the end
A really sad story. What wrong have I done I wonder?
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