Guys, When a guy is mad at a girl and ignore her texts does that mean he's done with her?

Basically, I questioned him and bashed his character turned out I misread what he sent me through messages. It all turned out to be miscommunication and I tried to apologize but he completely ignored me. He backfired and I told him "we're over" and I guess he was sad about that and as my friend was giving him some advice he told her that I should text him. Days passed , she asked have we spoken and he said I never texted him. I dm'd him on instagram and he still hasn't replied.. but he asked for me to do so 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ I assumed because I was at fault I would apologize maybe I was wrong for thinking that.


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  • So, he said something which you misread as something bad/terrible and bashed his character for it. Depending on how harsh you were when bashing his character, that is a rather big mistake. I don't think he was in the wrong for backfiring at all, he likely was hurt by what you said. Then, you tell him "we're over". You basically broke up with him over a miscommunication!

    Since you told him "we're over", chances are he isn't going to text you because he thinks you WANTED to break up with him. He likely sees it as a lost cause by now. If you want to apologize, you should text or talk to him in person and tell him that you are indeed sorry. As for the instagram dm, he may not have seen it if he doesn't use instagram too often.

    • I love this response , thanks ! Yea you're right and his makes a lot of sense. We built this strong connection for 2 months almost 3 and he's been nothing but good to me and I felt so bad. I can barely sleep at night and I try over and over and over again. But if a guy cares wouldn't he at least reply to see what I have to say?

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    • Okay perfect , he replied but only replying in one words and only replies to messages he feels like replying to

    • He likely still is pissed/hurt. Be patient with his one word reaction and try to give him time to warm up again, but don't give up just yet.

      If he does keep up the one word replies, or stops replying all together; then it may be time to call it quits. But for now, let's see if this is still fixable.

      Good luck!
      and let me know if anything comes up

  • What was the miscommunication?


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