To delete or not to delete?

My ex and I was together for about 3 years and we've broken for about a year or so.
We broken up on a mutual basis due to religion. In the past when we try to talk about getting back together we just both end up crying and we stop doing it and try to just stay out of each other's life so we can both heal.

This doesn't usually happen but last night I had a dream of him, and in that dream he asked me if I was okay? Which is really odd to think of him cause 1. I dont look him up (& vice versa) 2. I dont look at his photos/ social media profile or messages. So basically i dont think about him anymore. So when I woke up from sleep with that dream, I wanted to know if he is okay. So silly me went to his fb profile and saw that he had deleted the photo album of us. Which part of me is fine, cause seriously what is an ex supposed to do. He's suppose to move on.
But also part of me felt abit hurt? Disappointed? I don't know what that emotion I was feeling. But yeah..
hmm my question now would be, should I deleted our photos of my Instagram? (Im not much of a fb person) He still do have photos of us that he dont delete.

ps. The reason why I don't delete is not cause I've not moved on. Bt because i have and he was a part of me. We're still friends but I want to know, would having photos of him and me on my profile hinders other guys out there from wanting to get to know me and also if i would hurt him (my ex).

Appreciate all the advice! Thanks.


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  • I would move on if I were you. You broke up for a reason which was very reasonable, so remember that.
    Do whatever it takes to move on. So if it's deleting photos or objects that remind you of him, do it.


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