Boyfriend asks for break?

hi, i dont really know who else to turn to. so please help. i started dating this super possesive guy about 4 weeks ago. even though he was controlling i loved him. im kinda controlling myself. we hung out all day everyday. we got into a huge argument because i thought he was checking out his friemds girl friend (i was tripping). i threw a phone at his shin (a phone i bought him amd paid for) then when he went to go pick it up i ran up and kicked him in the face. he got super upset and told me to leave. i refused. then slept in his bed that night. i slept the opposite way from him. he turned on the light in the morning and told me to leave for work. i told him i wanted time to think for myself then left. i called later that day and he told me he wanted a break. so i called the next day and he said he needs a few more days. i left a note on his car about 2 days later telling him how sorry i am and apologized. then messaged his foster mom asking her to tell him to get in contact. i told her i have a new nber and gave it to her. she told me he said that he would call me and that its good i got a new number because a lot of guys message me. well its been 6 days since we got into the fight and still no call or text.. i also notised he has me blocked onfacebook and changed his status to single.. should i get over it amd move on? or do u think there is still hope for us getting back together? please let me know! thank u


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  • You need some help controlling your anger. I think you ended this relationship when you kicked him. There's no apology that can make up for physical assault. Think hard about why you are so angry and insecure. I'm guessing it's a result of a traumatic childhood. Good luck.


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