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hi, i dont really know who else to turn to. so please help. i started dating this super possesive guy about 4 months ago. even though he was controlling i loved him. im kinda controlling myself. we hung out all day everyday. we got into a huge argument because i thought he was checking out his friemds girl friend (i was tripping). i threw a phone at his shin (a phone i bought him amd paid for) then when he went to go pick it up i ran up and kicked him in the face. he got super upset and told me to leave. i refused. then slept in his bed that night. i slept the opposite way from him. he turned on the light in the morning and told me to leave for work. i told him i wanted time to think for myself then left. i called later that day and he told me he wanted a break. so i called the next day and he said he needs a few more days. i left a note on his car about 2 days later telling him how sorry i am and apologized. then messaged his foster mom asking her to tell him to get in contact. i told her i have a new nber and gave it to her. she told me he said that he would call me and that its good i got a new number because a lot of guys message me. well its been 6 days since we got into the fight and still no call or text.. i also notised he has me blocked onfacebook and changed his status to single.. should i get over it amd move on? or do u think there is still hope for us getting back together? please let me know! thank u


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  • he has a right to be mad haha. you kicked him in the face dear. Yet I believe there is a chance. that's your man so you know what he likes to do. find him and talk to him personally and not through others. you definitely deserve another chance. I wish you all the best of luck.

    • i put a letter on his truck though i dont wamt to keep bugging him :/ he doesmt have a phone. do u think there is a chamce he will call me if i gove it a couple days? the letter told him to call me amd how sorry i am and how much i love him

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    • You both deserve to be happy. now no more kicking haha... Yeah I don't know but glad you are both back together.

    • You're welcome.

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  • I dont think he jas any plans of getting back together with you.

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    • i feel like i won't meet someone loyal like that again, and i feel like thats the real issue

    • you will

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