Do you guys think he has feelings for me but I blew it or was he never really into me? Opinions greatly appreciated?

This guy and I were co-workers/friends. We were super close, had an amazing relationship! The chemistry between us was unbelievable & we flirted non-stop. We were honestly like best friends! Nothing romantic happened between us because he was much, much older and had a partner already. Anyway, the day before I finished up at work he told me that he loved me (unsure if in friend way or not) & that he was heartbroken and would think of me every day. He demanded I give him my phone number. I said "no" initially but
gave him to him the next day. He would not give me his though! On my last day he gave me some presents. He finished by saying "Goodbye my love". I asked him would he call and he wouldn't give me a straight answer- just said he wanted to be 'mysterious'.
Anyway I saw him out with his partner and friends one night. I was hurt and jealous. He hadn't contacted me at this point and I was angry. A few days later I drove past him and ignored him. He rang straight away (with a blocked number) he asked me why I hadn't waved at him, I just simply said I hadn't seen him. Then he asked me how I'd been- I said great, I asked him (very arrogantly), how he was coping without me?- he said that he was f***ed, I was just like 'yeah yeah whatever'. Then I asked him if he had got my note which I left on my desk for him- he said he couldn't go near my desk as there were too many memories there. I told him to just burn it! Then I sort of ended the call quickly.
Anyway I've since met him twice, he has been ignoring me lately and hasn't contacted me since. When I met him on the street he did say "Hello my love" & looked at me like I was an angel, we were smiling staring into each other's eyes but he kept walking on and when I asked him how he was he replied 'fabulous'!
I'm so confused, I do miss him so badly and I'm in love with him but I just don't know what's going on with him now. Is he just over me or is he stills annoyed by the way I treated him and getting even?


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  • I think he does like you and loves you but. I think he will not cheat on his wife or girlfriend because he loves her too. I think he like the feeling someone else loves him. but if I were you. I would move on. because he will never leave is wife or girlfriend. I think you be waiting for nothing. just move on and find someone single.

    • Thanks for your opinion!
      He told me he would leave her if someone else came along.. do you think he meant that?

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    • Thanks :)

    • and if it was really ment for you to be with him then it will come later but who know? life is a Mystery.

  • He is telling his partner the same thing he tells you but he is with her all the time so where do you see this going? I think he wants your body but nothing serious. You are way more invested than him.


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