Would a guy ever get over his anger if he was hurt emotionally?

This guy I was dating fell off because miscommunication and I sorta questioned the way he felt about me and I guess he took it personally because I was saying how I didn't trust him... not too many details because I was pretty harsh. He finally answered my messages after weeks and I'm trying to text him to have a conversation about it and he keeps one wording me ! I know he's still cares but he's pissed off at me because I feel it deep down inside. Will he ever put it behind us or use it against me? I even asked him where do we stand and he said "idk". He's. replying second after but with one words.. whyyy? I love this guy with all my heart and it's been 2 months but we fell off and now it's killing me the way he's acting.


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  • He can if he wants personal change

    • What do you mean by personal change?

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    • I won't give up because I know something is there... nobody cheated or played anyone it was out of miscommunication. The better he understands that the better he'll be.

    • It seems to me after 2 weeks he should realised that

  • Why didn't you trust him?
    For me, if someone hurts me emotionally, I don't forget it, even years later.

    • I misread what he said.. then afterwards he was saying how he wouldn't ever disrespect me and how can I say something like that. I misread it and it was all a mistake but I spazzed out and couldn't take my words back. I know he's not going to forget it but he's not even "trying" to have a conversation so he's just going to hold it against me forever? That doesn't make any sense

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    • I've tried everything.. I even asked to FaceTime him and he's not even replying to me

    • "O" , "idk" , "Ohk"

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