Am I being too jealous?

my boyfriend and I have been dating for a year. I've never been jealous in my past relationships, but never really had to be. my boyfriend still lets girls he used to date send him dirty messages and thinks it's OK. first he lied about it, then when I saw them he said I was overreacting. first of all any girl that knows you have a girlfriend should never be sending that sh*t anyway and second of all you should never insinuate that it's ok. whatever if he's that insecure and needs confirmation from other chicks that he's still wanted, but he can't even admit that. I know he's not cheating on me and loves me, but this is something that just irritates the sh*t out of me. I know he'd be well p*ssed off if the tables were turned, but I don't lead guys on like that. I just need a little guy input. do you think I'm overreacting or am I entitled to feel this way?


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  • You are 100% entitled to feel that way.

    Tell him to grow the f*** up and stop this or you're gone. Give him the ultimatum. You shouldn't put up with that sh*t.

    Make it perfectly clear to him though, that he must stop it. Immediately. No chances what so ever. If he truly cares about you, and isn't keeping these other girls interested for "back ups" then there isn't a reason for him to even be talking to them that way.

    In my opinion, flirting with your friends is okay, as long as certain boundaries are kept. Hands off all the time, nothing sexual what so ever. But talking dirty to one another, purposely arousing the other person? Not cool.

    Give him the choice, Them or you. Simple. :)

    Hope it works out!


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