My ex told me she doesn't appreciate me adding girls on Facebook and posting comments on Snapchat. What is going on?

recently me and my ex broke up and she wanted to be friends. I accepted and we went on. I went no contact with her and she has been posting things on Snapchat about how guys stop talking to her and stuff.

she told me she doesn't want a relationship with anyone. Not even me.

I started added girls on Facebook and making snap chats of comments of the girls I talk to. No for vengeance, I just am just to move on.

she text me and says she doesn't appreciate the comments I make on Snapchat and doesn't like how I'm added girls on Facebook on friends. She also said she was going to block me cause of that on Facebook but never did.

she broke up with me and I even asked her if I asked her out would she say yes, and she said no.

why does she care? I'm curious, why even go and text me you don't appreciate it when you do it yourself and broke up with me? I'm confused.


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  • Do what you want ! She doesn't tell you what to do why does she even care? Hell block her.. she's the one that left you

    • That is harder than you think... I've never been through a breakup like this before... I kinda just want her back...

      Maybe she's jealous? She is the jealous type but it doesn't make sense.

    • She is jealous

    • But why? This makes me not understand if I should move on or not

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