Was it all my fault that we broke up?

I met this guy online who lives in California & I live in London. We talked for 4 months, we called each other, facetimed & were texting each other nearly all the time. We even had plans to meet up. We had a little misunderstanding. We talked through it & it seemed like he was fine, but then he stopped texting me the next day. I got a little angry cause I thought we had sorted everything out. We didn't talk for a couple of days until he started texting me again but he was really cold, distant, said he was busy & didn't feel chatty. He was acting completely different to how he was before. I didn't want to say anything, so I acted like everything was fine until it got too confusing for me so I asked if anything was wrong. When I said that, he read my texts & didn't reply to me until the next day. Then it went back through the same thing. We apologised started texting again but he was cold, distant & said he busy but would text me throughout the day. I bought it up again but this time he said that I was constantly bringing up problems & that he didn't like it. We decided to carry on talking to each other but at this point, it felt like he wasn't really interested in talking to me & started acting rude. The last time we talked to each other on the phone, we almost had nothing to say to each other. When I said I felt distant from him, he said that he felt like we had nothing in common. I told him I needed to think about this & the next day he texted me saying that he thought it wasn't going to work out & that it was always going to be hard. I was emotional cause I still really liked him so I said that I understood him but I was hurt by the fact that he had been thinking about this for a while & didn't say anything. I told him I thought that we hadn't really understood each other but I still wanted to try but if he didn't want to, I respect his decision. He never replied to my texts. We haven't talked in a month. I know this is stupid but was it all my fault?


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  • I couldve told you from the first paragraph that this guy might break up with you.

    Its not your fault but sorry for saying this, I think your boyfriend was full of it. Like how are you supposed to know about his feelings, thoughts etc, you ain't psychic? He needed to communicate and that way you couldve worked on whatever needed to be done to keep things together. Then again, he sounds like a douche, maybe he already knew he didn't want a relationship or he loss feelings for you and so he WILLFULLY tried to pick fights to lead to a break up in an attempt to get away easy. He sounds like an a** hole. Its times like these, you look back ever wondered if they even loved you to begin with. Dont worry, you are gonna get a guy who is worth your energy, time and love and who is gonna appreciate that.

    • Pretty much said what I was too lazy to say.

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    • I wish I couldve realised that a little earlier, I guess I liked him so much even now I keep blaming myself for it ending that way. I think he did lose feelings for me cause we had little fights before and he was always really caring and responsive then but one day it just stopped. And you're right, I think he was waiting for me to say something so he could break up with me. Thank you so much though, I think I needed to hear this to move on.

    • @Asker I am sorry this happened to you, really I am. Doesn't have to be something you did, he just wanted out and didn't communicate that.

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