What kind of person are YEH?


Picture this;

You're just getting over a bad breakup. You've been crying for fucking weeks, and you genuinely (not genuinely) want to to die. You're sitting at a table alone eating cheap, 98p per tub ice cream from ASDA outside of Starbucks, when lo behold!

Its yer ex, sitting a few tables across from you, linking hands with some degenerate (actually they look pretty nice) doing some cute, couple ritual thing.

What do you do?

I'm "C" all the way.
A. "If I pretend I never saw that, then I never saw that." Get up and walk away.
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B. "Oh, okay then! I see how it is!" Start a relationship with the first person you see.
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C. Mutter spiteful curses under your breath and watch them bitterly the whole time like a masochist.
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D. Slap him in the face, scream, "HOW COULD YOU! WE HAVE TWELVE CHILDREN! I FORGAVE YOU AFTER YOU SLEPT WITH MY BROTHER BUT NOW, I'VE HAD ENOUGH!" throw a cheap ring you bought at the poundshop and flounce away.
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E. Let him go (pff)
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What kind of person are YEH?
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