Girls, I'm confused on what to do or what she wants/ wants me to do?

Me and my ex broke up about 2 months ago. She said she just wanted to take some time and step back for a bit. Because we were really serious. It was a good break up no yelling or begging. I took it maturely and didn't freak out on her and I think it cought her off gaurd. We talked pretty frequently for the 1st month and then one day she said she didn't want to drag me along anymore and it killed me. I know she went on a few dates with other people which hurt but I couldn't do anything about it. She called about 2 weeks ago to check in, we came up and she brushed it off and was sticking to her gut saying she didn't want to do anything about us right now but did say she wanted to come see me this summer which just confused me and more. So I went no contact. I was 2 weeks in and she called... just to talk and see how I was doing. And telling me about her life and how she got a whole bunch of new stuff for her apartment. I mad sure the conversation was short. After we got off the phone she texted me and said "I miss you". I miss her so much and I want her back but I don't want to push anything. Should I not read into this or should I take action and try to move forward slowly? We dated for a year


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  • hm, I think you should give her the cold shoulder for a little more time, let her miss you a little more. if she continues to text/call/say that she misses you, you can make the next step, if she doesn t


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