Things ended, but not for a bad reason?

So me and this girl had been dating for 2 years, but we've ended things because she fell quite ill and despite her recovering, we've become more like friends and less like lovers - neither of us were happy and we ended things on as good terms as can be.

My question for anyone is has anyone been in the same position as this? I don't hate her, nor does she do the same, it's been a pretty hard breakup because neither of us did anything wrong :/

Any advice anyone? Never really been in a breakup from such a long term relationship, so I really don't know what to do :(


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  • I can relate mate. Problem is... you will feel shity for some time. Give her space, time which you usually spent with her replace with hoby (swimming, playing sports, maby some instrument, hang out with friends).
    And yea, hang out with friends they can really help and soften pain and improve recovery.
    Hope you get well soon.

    p. s. I know you have hope that maby you will get together again, maby who nows. Dont overthink.

    • Thank you Bro, appreciate the thoughts, will be focusing on me for the future, whatever will be will be

  • i think you gave yourselves a break.. things going correct automatically


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