Why is he texting me?

why will a guy give you no attention and say to move on and not talk to you anymore then text you randomly for no reason? what's he trying to do?


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  • Well to be completly honest I think he may be attempting to use you. For example when I was in high school and it didn't seem like iw as gonna get any action elsewhere I would "text a sure deal" maybe that's what you are to him in his eyes, but it could vary in a situation. Maybe he also is feeling alone and owuld like someone to talk it really depends in the context that he talks to you in


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  • Lol! I went tru that! When my ex and I broke up he texted me those fwd text randomly a few weeks later. When I didn't reply back he texted me to say hi!

    One of the reasons they do that is to start conversation with you to get clues to see if you moved on for real or you miss them. Eventhough guys make girls think they're strong like that when they leave us, they're not. Even girls do it...but we do it a little different (sorry girls I'm letting out our little secret lol).. some girls would text the guy and when he replies she just says she texted him by accident!

    So hun, he is just trying to start conversation with you, to see where you stand. If you still sulk for him or you moved on.

    If you moved on just ignore him! (and its best when you ignore them...they go crazy..lol). If you still want a relationship with him...I suggest you think of why you two broke up and forget him! If you've done what you had to to get over him (even a little bit) then don't do backwards and set yourself up for heartbreak again!

    Good luck!

    • Dont you think it would be better to not text him because then he will wonder why I'm not texting back and try harder? I def haven't moved on but I wnt him to come to me

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