Why is it so easy for him to block me?

A guy friend just broke my heart. We've been friends for almost a year now. But, sadly I started catching feelings for him just recently and it soon developed when he flirted with me. Just this morning, I decided to ask him to block me because he barely replies my msgs even when I see him online. At first he asked me what's wrong with me and I said nothing. That I still want him to block me coz he will do me a big favor. Without any questions, he just did just a few minutes ago. It really hurts me that it's so easy for him to block me.


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  • OMG girl what is wrong with you for real you. you tell the guy to block and he asked you why and you wouldn't tell him what do you want him to do. you cause this on yourself

  • Well what were you expecting?

    • Since we are friends, I expected him to not do it coz he knows it will hurt me. Well, unless he doesn't see me as a friend anymore.

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    • Can u help?😁

    • I did. I suggested you forget about him and get professional help

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