Do you guys think I should just move on from this girl?

We've been going out for two years and we broke up but got back together. Anyway, when we were broken up she didn't contact me at all and ignored my messaged because she was seeing another guy. That guy rejected her and then she called me out of nowhere. I was so happy she called but it wasn't her.

Here are some of the things she said to me.

1. "Don't worry. you'll find another girl. Maybe someone who cares about your stars and stuff."
explanation: I love astronomy. I was telling her that I still loved her and she just started talking about that guy and said he was better looking than me and even said she thought he was the one. and I started crying.

2. "I'm not buying that bitch anything."

explanation: I forgot my wallet at home and she had to pay for our take out. and I asked if she could also pay for my sister for something and she said that out of nowhere. i got super upset but didn't tell her anything.

I'm a super cool awesome guy. I know people make mistakes and I don't expect perfection but I'm starting to look back at her now that we are going out and I'm falling out of love with her because I'm starting to realize she might not be the great person I thought she was.
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Do you guys think I should just move on from this girl?
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