Still have feelings for my ex?

me and my ex separated 2 years ago because she said she didn't want a long distance relationship getting us bent out of shape while we're at college, she's in Kansas city and I'm in alabama now, I've texted her and her reply is that she's really busy with school work that's why she can't text/call me. she told me when we broke up that after she and I get our degree that she would try to get back together with me. when she gets back from fall break/spring break she says she's trying to spend time with her family when I ask her out on dates, should I give up or keep trying? what should I do to improve my odds of getting her back?


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  • Bro she's already broken up with you because you're in another state. And guess what? You're still in another state. She's not going to change her mind so respect her decision.

  • If nothing is improving give up


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