Are you okay with this type of relationship?

So you only get to hang out with the the person your with five times and just have sex two times out of that month. Are you okay with that. One works the other school Friday Saturday and Sunday are off for one and Saturday and Sunday for the other.


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  • No I wouldn't be ok with that. 5 times out of a month. Why does it have to be so scheduled? For school. Mildly understandable but no I woulsnt

  • I had a distant relationship, which ended two months ago. We were seeing each other for a 10 days per 2 or 3 months. It was pretty much okay with me, there were visits when we didn't have sex at all even tho we haven't had seen each other for a long time. So I guess I would be okay, but I'd try to find more time somehow.


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