Am I being abused?

ex partner of 3 years only split 3 months ago but we have been working things out for a week and then she splits on me again doesn't reply to texts doesn't want to talk nothing? any ideas i mean im like would you like a realtionship or shall i go away and move on but she doesn't reply at all shed any light guys?


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  • Sounds like she has something else going on, I would proceed with caution

    • hi chanel yes i just messaged and said would you like to go for dinner and i get no replys at all what you think maybe is teh deal?

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    • I'm very sorry :( who knows what she's got going on BUT she's not treating you well so sounds like it's a good time to walk away

    • yes thank you for being here and talking it really helps to talk to someone that is making sense im not a softy but its hard ain't it when you dont expect it and you can openly admit to wanting nothing but the best odd she has totally destryed the realtionship thought right? i mean blocking me on everything and my only crime messages of love even when she said 2 weeks ago we can go slow but ill see you when i see you lol i wouldn't mind she's 140 miles away mon to fri so what was that all about haha

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  • She may be confused, but depending what caused the initial split; you may need to just give her space. Don't rush to judge even though the wait can be super stressful and painful.

    • she cheated i forgave her and since then its been her pushing me away me fighting for her sometimes getting something sometimes getting nothing

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