What did I do wrong?

We were in bed we were sleeping and then he says he can't sleep he's turned on and he tried to take my pants off and said no I don't want to go too far. But he kept saying that he wanted to mess about and he kept trying so I just went with it. He got on top of me and I said no get off and he asked me what's wrong and I said I just don't want to. Then he kept trying to take my underwear off and I said no and then tried to go to sleep but then he got annoyed and when I tried to ask why he's mad he pushed me away. We were both sleeping but then he got out of bed and said he can't sleep like this and was taking me home. We spoke the next day and says my attitude stinks, and that he was kissing me and hugging me and everything and then you're going to say no to me and how he wasn't chasing after no b***h and was saying how he's a leader and how I just don't listen to him and I just need to stay home and be humble and he was just really frustrated with me.

I'm a virgin
I'm 20 and he's 28
He's​ Muslim and I'm Christian
He said he didn't want to have sex before marriage and that was fine with me.

- Yes it could be said that if I didn't want anything to happen I shouldn't have got in bed with him but what did I do to make him react that way? He's not a bad person.


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  • You didn't do anything wrong, you said no and he didn't accept it. You say he's not a bad person, but a good person would be able to accept no as no, to accept and RESPECT your boundaries. Honestly, he sounds like a jerk, especially that line about how he's a "leader" and how you don't "listen" to him, leaders LISTEN to others, he isn't a leader, he's a bully who wants a mindless sheep to follow his directions without question. Leaders listen to others and respect their opinions, they don't want yes-men. I think you're blinded by love/lust because he doesn't sound like a good guy, he sounds pretty awful.

    He says he doesn't want sex, but his actions definitely point to it. His actions did not back up his words so I wouldn't believe his words if I were you.

  • he wants to have sex tell me that he said that wants to be married before having sex and see what he says. you did nothing wrong

    • I did bring up that he said that he didn't want to have sex before marriage and he said he felt like I was acting like I thought think he was begging for it and I said that I don't think that he just got annoyed

    • u didn't do anything it is just that he wants to and u dont

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