What should I do in the situation explained bellow?

Part I: My ex and I met over a year ago. Since then, we became really close and spent almost the most of our free time together. We rarely had fights. We were very happy and had fun together.
After a while I figured he was still active on Tinder. This broke my heart and made me leave. He followed me until he caught me. He removed his account in front of me. I forgave him.
After 6 months, I saw on his phone that he still was checking on girls on Tinder. This made me mad and suspicious. I got a chance to use his laptop once. I went on his Facebook and tried to find if he talked to someone. Then I accidentally went on his laptop drive and found folders, organized by girls' names. I went to all the folders. He kept all their exes' photos and videos (including sex tape). This really left me shocked and heartbroken.
I removed the laptop recent history to keep it as secret, but forgot to remove his Facebook history. He found out I went online on his Facebook. He became really mad. First, I tried to deny it, then I started bringing everything up. He broke up with me right a way. We were separated for two months. During this time, I missed him and our memories so much. I was not ready for breakup, and I really wanted him back.


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  • Guys like that are nothing but trouble. My advice is to move on.


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