What should I do in the following situation?

Part ll: I did a lot of research and read a lot of articles related to my problem. I completed the 30-day no contact rule. I went on a vacation for Christmas and New Year. I posted a lot of beautiful photos of my trip with friends. He liked a few of them on FB, but I am sure he went through every single of my new photos. While I was away, the no contact period was over, and I followed all the steps explained in many articles and texted him and reminded him of one our good memories. He replied me back, and we had a short conversation. When I came back and I was at the airport, I emailed him and told him how I felt, but I also said that I didn't expect we come back together. I just needed to find a way to move on. I wanted to talk to him about this. He texted me right away. He said he didn't want to go on relationship with me. However, he and his sister, who was living with him, enjoyed hanging out with me, so they wanted to keep me as a friend around. He came to the airport with his sister and picked me up and took me to his house to talk. I was talking and he was laying on his bed smiling at me. I told him that I want to forgive him because there were a lot of good things between us that I still liked to have. I was very chocked up. Then he hugged me and we cuddled. We started dating again. This time he seemed more serious. He talked about me to his family who were overseas. His mom and grandma made a video call to see me. After like about two weeks, I was sitting at home thinking of him. I called him and said how much I missed him.


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  • Does he still use tinder? Does he still have sex tapes and photos of his exes? Also, make sure he doesn't record you guys.

    I mean, what are you trying to ask, are you trying to ask people if staying with him, getting back together was the right decision?

    Personally, I don't think you should have gotten back together with him. The fake grand gesture (deleting tinder and then still using it) and the sex tapes (that's creepy) are huge warning signs, I wouldn't be able to trust him at all. If he's actually serious this time, he better not be using tinder anymore, and personally I wouldn't be comfortable with him keeping old sex tapes, if he's still on tinder and keeps those sex tapes, I question if his "serious" is just another fake grand gesture.


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