Guys, Why does he do that? What should I do?

I was dating a guy downstairs for 9 months. I got to know him for 3 months and then he asked me out and we dated for 6 months. However, 2 months in I got into a problem that affected me and my family very much. He was there for me during the situation and knew what happened very well. The problem affected me so much that I barely talked to anyone including him without even telling him but he would complain about it. I explained to him why that would happen but he still complained. Fast foward the the ending of May the way he "broke up with me" is through text saying bye i won't bother you anymore. However, such things would happen from time to time and everything would be alright. This time that same week he got into a relationship with a girl that was his supposed "friend" before. Mind you when he would try to be my friend he would flirt with me then deny it when i told him to stop. I realized then that he cheated on me. I cut communication off with him but he kept insisting on wanting to be my friend. He had told me on two occasions that he went out with her but when I confronted him about it he said other friends were there too. A while after, while we were still talking i put a screenshot of a FaceTime call with me and a guy friend on whatsapp and the same day a while later he puts one of his girlfriend and him. I tested him and took mine off and then he did the same. I confronted him about it and he told me he took it off cause the picture looked weird. When we were together he had one up of me and him up for a while. Also the way he told me he had a girlfriend was on the phone when I asked him why he sounded so close to the phone. He then told me "I don't think these headphones are from here, my girlfriend probably left them here". I got angry and hung up the phone. Two days later my front door is open and I hear an unfamiliar voice so I bent over to see. She stopped mid way to walking back in. Guys, Why does he do that? What should I do?


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  • Get another boyfriend. Not all guys cheat. Also if you are living with your boyfriend and his mom? Move out

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