please read below for details is it wrong I still think about my ex?

My relationships with my ex girlfriend ended prematurely, her parents forced us apart long story. But it feel like the main reason I can't get her off my mind sometimes is because am left with this feeling deep down of what could have been. So when ever I bump into her or have a dream about her those thoughts come out I won't lie I still feel something for her not sure what it is but life has gottan a lot better for me. We both are dating new people and haven't spoken n almost 2 years but my friends often tell me she stares at me, which not sure why she keeps staring but won't say a word. Am ot saying i should try dating my ex again but we were friends for 7 years before dating so I lost a bff as will.


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  • It's not wrong what you feel. Its only wrong when you deny the feeling. I can understand very good how it feels to loose your best friend. It really sucks when you thought you had a great connection and that person just disappears out of your life from one to another second like nothing ever happened.

    • Thats pretty much what it feels like and tbh I don't known what it would even feel like to make up.

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    • I know exactly what you mean.

    • Finding that perfect dance partner and letting go of it is never easy.

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