Why my ex said she wanted to stay friends but wanted to be kissed?

First of all, we were together for 3 years. I got dumped and she was a bitch to me, I deleted her from social media because she was too toxic for my taste. After several months she hit me up again, and apologized for everything she put me through, she told me that i made her realize how wrong she was because i ignored her texts and everything about her. I set a date and she agreed to it without hesitating.

We had dinner and later on she was playing with her hair and didn't put resistance for me to kiss her. After the first kiss she told me she felt weird because she thought i hated her, SHE WANTED TO BE KISSED. Later she told me that she's been talking to this guy that lives out of the country and they have chemistry, she told me she wasn't expecting me to kiss her and that she just wanted to be friends, i told her that doesn't work for me because there is no scenario in which im with her without kissing her or being able to making love to her etc etc so i told her either take it or leave it basically, if she wants to wait for the other guy to see if they like each other or whatnot.

She said she just feels bad for the other guy and that she still likes me and want she was mad nervous when i approached and kissed her. What you guys think?


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  • move on bro... until you want to share her... which I don't think... so move on say to her... cause If she can't choose you over him and is showing hesitation... then forget about her and live free...

    • for sure, one thing I can recall is the fact that she was just saying that she feels bad for the guy, she even told him she likes me still.

      I dont understand women tho, but Im not trying to pay attention to that, she knows what she has to do in order to spend time with me.

  • I think you should move on she was toxic to when you were together. and you didn't mention seeing if she changed so she could still be the same.

    be single enjoy your life keep her as a friend if you want throw some privileges and your set

    • I just mentioned she regrets everything she did, I was with her last night so I couldnt tell you if she has changed.

      But if I'm going to keep talking to her I want to be her lover, not her male tampon, because I still have feelings for her and I dont like blue balls.

      And sure, I'm single and trying to focus on my mission in life.

      Now that you know this, what do you think bro?

    • Well I've was with a girl once who cheated on me and same situation in terms of her apologizing regretting everything. I believed her everything was great for a couple months and boom she did it again. So you gotta just be diligent be prepared because you know the risks. if you know the risks and are still willing to try handle.

    • sounds fair, and she is on probation, besides, she hasn't texted me. which means she is still thinking about my terms.

      Thank you man, and I'm slowly moving on, this is just a little step back.

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