How can I move on from this?

He officially ended it. The fight was so stupid and petty and he made it out to be far more complex than what it really was. When I asked him a question the other day he blew up at me told me to really leave him alone then started hanging out with another girl. When I try to explain things to him he doesn't want to listen he always sees what I'm saying in a completely different way. He doesn't hear me out. He told me to stop calling and texting him, but I am so angry and so hurt that I can't. We did talk a little this morning, but I still couldn't change his mind and let him rethink. Now that 2 other girls are in the picture he doesn't care about me.

He says that he will always love me even when he's in a relationship with someone else and that is bull. I texted him earlier today and I texted and called an hour ago. During the fight I remained calm the entire time, but until this morning I lost it. It's not fair that he keeps doing this to me, coming in and out of my life. He always leaves during the dumbest of fights too. I feel so used and so hurt. He kept telling me that one day we'll be together, then he tells me that we're just friends. He treated this like it was a relationship, I couldn't talk to other people if I was talking to him. We would have phone sex. When I want him to come see me his excuse is no, I don't tust you. But he can go be with other girls. I didn't say or do anything wrong, I'm so misunderstood.

I put my life on hold for him for 3 years just so he can keep coming and going and never commit. He's mad over something so dumb that happened 3 years ago and he can't seem to get over it. He is still punishing me for it. He's now pulling the "friends" card. He always pulls this in times like these. He told me that he wanted to marry me and for me to have his kids, but he kept changing his mind. I just feel so hurt and betrayed.
How can I move on from this?
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