How do I maintain my sanity after being cheated on/ lied too?

Long story short I dated this girl for 5 months we work at the same place just in different departments. Turns out she was also seeing this guy from work at the same time even before me and her started dating. This guy would obviously not say anything to me he was awkward with girls, a cuck, and a Virgin up until she took it from him which was supposedly when her and I got into an argument as revenge she did it who knows they may of been having sex even when her and I dated in the beginning. We became official boyfriend and girlfriend about 3 weeks into dating but from the beginning she said she wasn't seeing anyone else and clearly was.

Either way I caught her but now I gotta see both of them at work flirting etc and it drives me nuts. How do I get over it besides finding a new job? She seems to be rubbing it in my face now. She also suffers from depression and borderline personality disorder but refuses medicine or treatment.


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  • She has issues and has acted like a shitty person. You have not acted like a shitty person. Why should you feel like you need to leave? You should be able to walk around with your head held high. See this girl for what she is. You should only feel bad about losing someone worth keeping. She wasn't worth keeping. It sounds to me like you have actually dodged a bullet, she sounds like a pain in the ass.


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  • She's a lying, untrustworthy chick, probably crazy.
    It's got nothing to do with you.
    Anybody who has sex for revenge is deplorable. Cheating and vengeance are two no's in my book.
    Take nothing she says about you to heart, it's part of her crazy.

    • I've dealt with crazy chicks before.
      If at any point you feel like you are going insane dating someone, then you are most likely getting infected by their crazy self.

    • Thanks man I should of known right from the get go she was married twice by age 28. Red flags ugh live and learn

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