A question for Highschool Girls: Are prom proposals a big deal? How do you want to be asked to prom?

Do girls want a really large prom proposal? Like ones where guys buy flowers and set up this whole event and get half the school involved? Or naw. You just want something simple. One of my Senior friends asked his close friend by buying her a pizza with the pepperonis that spelt "prom?" on it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚she said yes!


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  • Every girl is different, so you have to cater to their wants. Many girls appreciate a big, showy promposal just because it's not every day that they're the center of attention, so it will make them feel special. Personally (and I know lots of other girls will agree with me on this), I want them to just ask me straightforward, without the flowers and posters. It's just more private and meaningful.

    • Hahaha what are we supposed to ask her 'how do u want me to ask you to prom' lol

    • Sometimes is hard finding out what the girl wants

    • THEN JUST ASK! If you know the girl well enough, you'll know to give her exactly something that suits her personality. If you don't know the girl that well, then just ask her in private. That way if she rejects you, it won't be as harsh.

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  • we dont really have proms in my country but I think I wouldn't want anything big... something small and cute would be the best lol (also have my babies, your name and profile pic omg)

  • To me, it's not the biggest thing in the world. But it is nice. I'd like to be asked just during a conversation

  • i think prom is dumb and i wouldn't want that

    • So you wouldn't want to go. Why is it dumb? Did you go to prom?

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    • or i dont socialize with high school kids because all my friends are 20 and over?

    • sorry to rain on your parade

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