Should I block my ex?

He asks me how I am every now and then, and I say I'm fine. Or he says I look nice in my photo. I don't think he really cares, just wants to keep his hold on me. If he wanted to say more he would. We broke up ages ago.

We broke up because he is a bit of a loner and not the relationship type. He's too selfish & it wasn't getting anywhere, although we were very close & he was very affectionate. Once I saw a text to a girl who lives in another country. She didn't reply. He said it didn't mean anything, he was just bored. I was the closest person to him & he broke all my trust & confused me because he doesn't really sleep around & is a shy guy. After we broke up he still wanted to see me.

He's 33 & things weren't gonna change or move forward. We just want different things, but I feel like he doesn't want me to forget him, so keeps messaging me on whatsapp. Why does he need to know how I am?


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  • block him.

    I see all these posts about EXes... Why does my ex not like me? This and that about an ex... should we get back together...

    An EX means.. in the past. In my life, after any break up, an EX is out of my mind. I move on almost immediately and never think of, try to contact, check up on, etc...

    Breakups happen for a reason...

    I'm not talking about someone who moved away... I'm talking about relationships that ended due to cheating, abuse, incompatibility and such...

    Who CARES about an EX? Who cares about what an EX thinks of them?

    Then "breaks"... what's that all about? all this is is an admission you can't commit in a relationship. Taking a vacation from a relationship isn't going to fly.

    ALSO... getting back together after a breakup.. or chasing someone to get back together... sorry folks, the same issues are gonna be there.

    This "closure" What's that about? No such thing... So what? It's over.. there is your closure.

    Move on... where you found one guy/gal, there will always be more.


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  • Make it clear to him that you don't want him... I'll delete what's app and move on with my life


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  • Only block him if he continues and you tell him to stop. If you haven't told him to stop, he probably won't.
    If you tell him to stop and doesn't --> block
    You don't need that in your life

  • sure


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