My ex boyfriend wants sex?

My ex and I were together 7 years, he dumped me and we haven't spoken for over a year now, but we e-mailed periodically, about mundane life experiences.

I know he has been in a new relationship since we broke up, about a year now, but he has never mentioned it. And I'm sure he believes I know nothing of his new relationship.

Yesterday afternoon he sent me, out of the blue, an explicit e-mail, asking if I wanted to meet up with him and have dirty kinky sex in the outdoors like we used to when we were together, and then have a coffee afterward.

I told him in a previous e-mail I was seeing someone new, and it's true, I honestly thought that by telling him that he would feel more comfortable in telling me about his relationship, because he would know I was not pining for him, instead this has happened.

I really want to be friends, he was a really good friend, I've moved on, so I'm confused about this, what's going on in his head.


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  • Now that you are off the market that means your attention isn't on him anymore. Even though he might be in a relationship it doesn't change the fact that, he wants something he can't have. It's human nature.

    Move on, put your energy into your new man and if you get messages like that from him just avoid it. He has the guts to say that via email but not in person on the phone? He's testing you. He just wants the satisfaction of knowing that you still want him on some level.

  • hey..probably his new girl friend is less satisfying than u. Sometimes people do realize that their previous partner is much better than the current one. But I think right now you just have to take it as a question that he asked and tell him no straight away. Just tell him that you just wanna be friends now. And if he is not satisfied with that then he can't be a good friend to you in future. I know about friendship more than anything in my life.

    take care and take a right decision.


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