I cheated, we broke up, I hate myself.

I cheated ( made out with another guy, while drunk at the bar) on my Boyfriend of a year. I completely regret it, and feel like the worlds biggest piece of sh*t. I love him dearly, and it was the stupidest mistake of my life, I don't know what I was thinking. I would do anything to take it back if I could.

Anyways he broke up with me, and I broke his heart. And I'm the fault for it I know, I completely hate myself for it.

But where do I go from here?

I am not interested in the guy I cheated with, I refuse to talk to him anymore, and I wish I could fix things with my now ex. But I don't think that will happen.

Does anyone have some advice for how I can get over everything that happened, and do what is best for my now ex? I only want the best for him, and care for and love him very much.

I cheated, we broke up, I hate myself.
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