I'm scared that 'a break' may just be a breakup?

My boyfriend [M18] recently suggested a break as we are coming up to exams and the stress is causing him some mental health issues (he has to do very well in these exams to pass the year). I [F19] would gladly help him through these but he insists that he can work through them by himself as he has done before and he doesn't want to take any of his own issues out on me and we can give our relationship another shot after exams are over (in a month). He then proceeded to tell me he loves me for the first time and recounted the first time we met and how it made him feel. He also kept saying how I deserve better than him and I could find someone better in this break. I have no interest in anyone but him as he is the best thing that has ever happened to me but I am so scared that he will not want me back after the break as this is how my last relationship ended. He is a much better person than my ex and other than his insecurities and stress levels we have no other problems. I know he cares about me from the little things he does without realising but I'm so worried that he'll leave me for my own benefit when really all I want is to be with him. We will also be spending 3 months apart in the summer as we live in different countries away from uni so I worry that he'll think there's no point in getting back together with me. Do we actually have any hope?


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  • As someone currently in their final year of uni, writing 100+ page reports and revising for exams, I would say - yes, leave him alone for a bit. It sounds like he actually means it when he says he loves you, but genuinely is concerned about his exams.

    • Thanks, he's just told me that he wants to try to be friends until we talk things through after exams so I'll just avoid the topic of our relationship until he says he's ready to do that, I love him and I don't want to make this time any more difficult for him

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  • If you believe that he's saying so for your own benefit not trying to withdraw or something
    then you have to support him
    tell him about your needs for his nearness and for his love
    express your feelings in a way that he feels important
    show him that you can wait him forever
    if you could pass this then you both did your best for each other if you couldn't then you're not meant for each other
    give him that break after telling him what you wanna tell


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  • "breaks"... what's that all about? all this is, is an admission you can't commit in a relationship. Taking a vacation from a relationship isn't going to fly.

  • I think there is hope, but I would leave him alone until exams are over because it's a stressful time.

    • Thanks, I'm probably gonna have one last conversation with him tonight to understand what he wants from the break because I don't want to get the wrong idea

    • Sounds like a good move!

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