What did I do wrong?

So about a month ago me and this guy meet through mutual friends on Facebook, our first date was at the movies and he asked for a kiss and I decline and said that would come with time. Everything seemed fine he texted me that night and told me he was feeling me and had a great time with me. That Monday we saw each other again and ate and than his text became less frequent and finally on a Sunday he asked me to meet him to eat somewhere and we did but his attitude changed completely he seemed like he did not want to be there and I asked him what was wrong and he said he was just tired. I felt very bad because I was actually happy to see him so i impulsively text him this "I hope you feel better and I wish you well in life, it seems like I make you feel uncomfortable and by all means that is not what I want. So I wish you well and take care" he left my message on read... it's been 2 days and he has not contacted me... did I do anything wrong?
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Should I text him or just leave things as they are?
What did I do wrong?
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