What did I do wrong?

So about a month ago me and this guy meet through mutual friends on Facebook, our first date was at the movies and he asked for a kiss and I decline and said that would come with time. Everything seemed fine he texted me that night and told me he was feeling me and had a great time with me. That Monday we saw each other again and ate and than his text became less frequent and finally on a Sunday he asked me to meet him to eat somewhere and we did but his attitude changed completely he seemed like he did not want to be there and I asked him what was wrong and he said he was just tired. I felt very bad because I was actually happy to see him so i impulsively text him this "I hope you feel better and I wish you well in life, it seems like I make you feel uncomfortable and by all means that is not what I want. So I wish you well and take care" he left my message on read... it's been 2 days and he has not contacted me... did I do anything wrong?
Should I text him or just leave things as they are?


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  • If someone said, "I wish you well in life", I'd take it as a "It was nice knowing you, but I don't want to see you again." Like you're giving closure.

    I can totally understand wanting to hold off on the kiss...
    But you need to show him in some way shape or form that you have a romantic interest.

    As a guy, I always tried to rush things and I know a lot of girls tried to slow me. Sometimes it felt like rejection, when it wasn't, but I'd give up.
    Eventually, I slowed waaaaaaaaaaay down... no kiss until marriage.
    And we got married!

    It's a shame that people try to be like other couples, when they just need to enjoy each other's company.
    I really hope this works out for you.

    • @Anonymous
      I think you should text him.
      You last text was awkward and sent a wrong message.

      Tell him you enjoyed his company and you'd like to see him again.
      (Or say you wouldn't mind seeing him again... if you don't want to be too forward.)

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  • you ended the relationship right there with that text. I would have no clue what to respond. I would see it as "well there goes that..."

  • sounds like he wanted you to out out after the movies. probably not the guy for you it sounds like

  • nope


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