How do I get her?

I dated this girl a few months ago and and we seemed to have a good time with each other then all of a sudden it seemed like she might have lost interest. I am pretty sure it was due to her not being over her ex. I figure is the only reason she would have gotten over it by the way things were going. But I know she hasn't gotten back together with him or anything so I am not quite sure.

I hadn't seen or herd from her in a while and recently I have been seeing/hanging out with her(not one on one but with mutual friends) and I seemed to have fallen for her again. Although I guess I never 100% got over her to begin with but I just moved on.

I am sure she can tell that I am into her and she seems like she definitely likes me but how do I win her back?


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  • If I were you, I would give her the time she needs to get over her ex. Possibly when she is sure she is over him and is ready for something with you, you will have her back. She probably realized that while dating you she wasn't over her ex and it was unfair and inconsiderate to you. If you really don't want to be patient and give her time, then maybe try talking to her about it. Ask her what happened with you guys, does she need more time to figure things out. Also though, don't wait around forever for her to figure out what she wants.


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  • dude always remember one fact of life-Girls are either very mythical or very stupid creatures.

    In your case,im not completely sure but I guess I can offer some help.Always know that if a girl is interested in you,she will try to make you interested in her.These are subtle hints thrown around like calling you often for no reason at all or smiling at you a lot or just trying to be close to you.

    try to see these hints...if not then you've probably got ur answer by could try ignoring her for a while.And please please for god's sake don't get all desperate and start calling her day and night saying stuff like"u don't return my calls or my messages"-believe me dude,howsoever girls seem pretty and magical...they are not worth so much pain.hope this helps!


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