Girls, How to work out a breakup due to a fight through text when it's my mistake?

A couple weeks ago I asked my girlfriend if she was happy with how often we see each other, as we had slowed things way down to just a couple hours a week. She said she was very happy. A few days later I had asked her the same question about how often we text, as sometimes I text a lot when I'm home and bored. She told me she was feeling overwhelmed sometimes.

i misread that response and thought she meant everything between us. I had also had a very stressful week between both jobs, and went into a panic attack. I started sending some long texts asking what I did, apologizing like crazy and so on, and sent quite a few. I know it irritated her, and I kept on, she told me she just needed room to breathe and I asked her if this meant she wasn't wanting to date anymore, she said yes, I told her I was going to need my housekey back but also wanted to talk with her. She agreed.

I didn't stop though, I kept trying to figure things out. I got pretty bad, and it was all due to these panic attacks. Soon she didn't want to talk, and mailed me my key instead. I was trying not to bother her, but had times it would come again, I'd panic, and then text her. A couple things I know may have come out wrong.

it wasn't until a bit ago, 3 weeks later, it occurred to me what she meant. I feel terrible. This was the only time we've ever fought, and a horrible 3 weeks. The panic attacks I've had have been because I have been taking on too much. Now I have to figure out how to mend things.
Girls, How to work out a breakup due to a fight through text when it's my mistake?
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