What does my ex want?

my ex and i were a long distance relationship and we broke up roughly 3 weeks ago , we talked about getting back together a few days after breaking up but he said we were better off alone and that he didn't want to complicate his life and that maybe we could try later.

i said fine and i left him alone - i deleted the app we communicated in and stopped contact.
After that he kept posting things about missing someone and loving someone and then 3 days ago he messaged me on instagram
Long story short he said he still likes me and he even sent me a love song and all this stuff but then he started acting cold again
When i asked him what was his motive his only response was , " well you said you didn't want to stop talking to me when we broke up but if you feel uncomfortable i'll gladly stop " .
... what?
I stopped contact ( that should show him im fine without talking to him ) ... and he was the one who kept messaging me at least once a week after we broke up. ( i found that out after i reinstalled the app we used to talk in )

some say he misses me but his pride is getting in the way and doesn't want to fully tell me
others say he just wants to know if im still an option and he's just playing with my feelings
And others say he wants to see my reaction to see if we still have a chance of getting back together

what do you say he's doing?
What does my ex want?
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