Why do guys cheat on girls to be a player?

I've been in a dozen relationship and most of the guys who I dated cheated on me.


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  • Most guys cheat on girls because they can , but that's not me trying to be a wise ass . . . . it's simply the truth. Instead of asking why guys choose to be players ask why these seem to be the only guys you attract. I went through this and after awhile I realized it wasn't them it was me and nothing would get better until I made a change. When we know what we're worth NO ONE can take that away from us. Every guy has different reasons for why he does things , but don't buy into the bull . Take care of you and everything else will fall into place.

    • I like your answer

    • Thats rubbish.. they don't cheat because they CAN.

      its because they want to... there's obviously something not right, excitement and flirtacious element gone, perhaps she's boring!

      but guys do not cheat just because an opportunity to do so arises.

    • Right I'll let you think that

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  • A guy's perspective (I've never cheated):

    Guys don't cheat to be players...guys who cheat repeatedly do so because they barely give a sh*t about you, period. As a guy, after hearing some of the things friends have gone through as far as being cheated on by GFs and just hearing things from close female friends, I personally don't take relationships too seriously anyway at this point. I won't cheat, but I don't expect much out of 20,21,22, year old GIRLS after looking around and seeing who they choose to partner with and what they put up with. They don't care to respect themselves or take themselves seriously, so why should we? (This is the thought)

    There are guys that are going to cheat anyway, guys that cheat because, on some level, they've come to think being serious with girls is pointless at a certain age (hearing about girls cheating on their GFs, seeing who girls choose to be in relationships w/, etc), and guys who slip up and cheat once or twice.


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  • Maybe they were already players to begin with?

    Most guys under 18 aren't looking for anything serious.

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  • wow that's messed up

    their trying to show their power that they don't have

  • everyone always wants what they can't have.

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