Ex boyfriend problems?

i never really got over my ex , and now 4 years have passed and we are texting but I want more, I don't want to act desperate, but I've fallen gracefully into his hands :(


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  • Have you dated and been with other men? Or have you been missing him and secretly "waiting" for him? Lifes to short to wait for something that isn't promised so I hope you haven't put your life on hold for this person(you'd be suprised how many do this).

    If you two are still friends there is a chance that he still cares too. Have you told him? What has his love life been like since you two spilt?


What Girls Said 1

  • Sweetheart,

    You have been broken up with this guy for 4 yrs. You are texting and want more.

    What do you mean.. "FALLEN BACK INTO HIS HANDS"? No clue what that means. By communicating with him you mean? The ONLY way that boy will ever come back to you ( doubtful after 4 yrs) - is if he wants to have sex with you and dump you like a hot rock when he's done because you are willing to do anything to get him back ------- OR you turn on your heels, run the other way - get interested in your life and OTHER GUYS - and he will see that you are fine WITHOUT HIM.. If they smell desperation on a girl - you have given him all the power and he can do anything he wants to you. IS that the position you want to be in? TAKE BACK YOUR POWER. Take back your control - don't ever let a guy have that much control over you where he can call the shots.. YOU will lose. My advice? Get busy - forget about that guy - and if he's meant to come back to you.. he will.. but only if it works for BOTH of you. Stop texting him TODAY. CUT OFF ALL CONTACT - and then see what happens. Good luck, Sweetie.


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