How long did it take before you got back with your ex?

I am just wondering how long it took some of you guys and girls to decide to take your ex boyfriend or girlfriend back? And when you did, did it last or did the same problems resurface thus resulting in you breaking up again?


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  • I broke the one rule I have for myself with an EX . . . Never go back always go forward.

    Me and my ex were together for sometime when a lot started to change so we both decided to end things. I missed him a bit because he was what was familiar to me , but after a few months I was ready to move on. He ended up getting back in contact with me ( after 5 1/2 months of being apart) and we decided to start "fresh". That is a decision I regret to this day ! I took him back because when things were good they were REALLY good. I had forgot that when things were bad I was simply MISERABLE and nothing made any sense. I'm not saying that getting back with an ex is a mistake , but I think people forget most of the time why it didn't work in the first place. Very few things change when you get back with a person , but I have heard of it working out for some people . . . So maybe it's just me.

    • Well me and my ex didn't really break up over anything really serious. We just had a bit of communication issues. I miss him and want him back....= [

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  • WOW it takes a strong person to forgive and cast things into the see of forgetfulness. It really depends on what happened to cause the break up in the 1st place, cheaters for example will cheat again, liar will always lie, and abusers will always abuse.

    PS: you're very attractive ...just wanted to throw that in there :)

    • I feel that staying stuck in the past will not make me any happier. It's better to forgive and forget if you are ever going to be capable of loving some one you have to learn to forgive. And thank you. = ]

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  • It depends on what the reason was for breaking up and how bad it was..

    Usually it's best not to get back with the ex.

    My ex broke up with me and after a month, he wanted to get together again. I'd took him back..

    No, the problems did not resurface again because before wanting to try it again, you have to pinpoint the issue that caused the break up.. So it doesn't repeat itself.

    After 2 years we broke up.. So.. Lol.

    • What if the guy was a really great guy? Never cheated or did anything to disrespect you or hurt you. At least his intentions were never to hurt me. We didn't break up over anything majore like cheating or anything...

    • Well, like I said pinpoint the issue and talk about it more so you're both on the same page. I guess a great guy deserves a second chance.. :)

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