Should I worry or I'm just over reacting?

My boyfriend and I are in long distance relationship. He's in dammam and I'm in Bahrain which is an hour drive. Before he always go here in bahrain to visit me every week but when he got a new job which is shifting he cannot find a time to go here and it's almost been a month since we haven't seen each other. We do not talk a lot anymore too. And i feel that we're very cold to each other. He said I'm changing and acting weird but I'm just usually mad at him because he can't make time to visit me. He got a 3 days off this week and never bother to go here to visit me even he's saying that he really miss me a lot. I don't know if Iam just being needy but I don't like when a guy is not consistent. The part that pisses me more is he never bother to explain why he cannot come. Sometimes he makes plans to go here but when the date comes he just suddenly cancel and never inform me. I don't know if it is early to break up with him. Should I wait a little more if we can settle this issue or I should do it now?


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  • How long have use been together for? It may be that he is losing interest, also if you are constantly annoyed at him it would make him less likely to want to come if he thinks you will be moody. He may just be worn out from working so much and having to drive to you (not that an hour is too long but if he is tired it can be) have you offered to go to him instead? It may be best to talk to him and express how you are feeling in a calm way and see if things change if they aren't then it might be best to end it if it's not something you want

    • We've been together for 7 months. Unfortunately I cannot enter to dammam which is in Saudi. We just broke up. I brought up the topic and he feels guilty for not giving me the time that I deserve. He said he's just busy at work and he don't want a stress from our relationship. Now I feel guilty.

    • I think it's for the best though maybe something will happen again later or maybe you will meet someone who has time to spend with you

    • Thank you so much. I really hope someday we can be together again.

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  • why dont you go visit him relationships are a two way street

    • He's in dammam. It is in Saudi. I cannot go there.

    • oh ok dang well yeah he needs to come see you

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  • Unfortunately long distance relationships are tough and usually never work out. The saying absence makes the heart grow fonder isn't always true. Sometimes feelings slowly fade when the person is not around and that's what this sounds like.

  • How long have you been together and how often do you typically see him?

    • 7 months and we see each other every weekend or sometimes when he has free time before he go here in bahrain to visit me.

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    • I am hurt. Yah. Other than lack of time everything is good. But we just broke up. We'll see if it's better if we don't have commitment to each other. Hopefully we can find a way someday to work it out again

    • I'm sorry :(

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