How to breakup?

I've been dating this guy for around 2 months. He is amazing, he really is, and I feel so terrible for not feeling the same way about him. I was very lonely before I met him and he gave me just the right attention that I need it. I haven't been treated this amazing in more then 2 years and I guess that's why I fell for it. I was so happy at first, I was sure I was in love with him and that that's it. But for the last 10 days I just don't feel the same anymore. I don't have an urge to hug him tightly or to cuddle or to sweet talk, and he hasn't tried that either yet. He's more on a dominant side, he doesn't show his emotions easily, being with him makes feel more like safe, taken care of, protected and owned, then... loved. When we are together we laugh a lot and tease each other, which is great, but there's just no that special connection. I thought a lot about this relationship and I decided I want to end it. I'm afraid of his reaction since nothing wrong happened, he did nothing wrong. I'm afraid he's gonna get really hurt. If anyone should be hurt it's me because he's been amazing, he deserves a freaking crown cuz he's a king. I hate this.


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  • double take on that, owned? that might have something to do with it. you shouldn't be property.

    • I like it, tho, I'm extremely submissive.

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  • Are you living together?

    If not, give him a clean break. Tell him you feel like you don't deserve him and don't want to feel like your holding him back from someone who could love him more than you can. If he really feels strongly for you, trying to remain friends afterwards would be difficult on him.


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  • Ok, he's boring?, guys get boring when they truly love someone, and they forget, that,, ladies dont want a predictive guy who respects a woman... Instead, ladies love unpredictable person who shows authority...

    In short, you're in deep shit... Leave him and see, how he now cries like a 12 year old girl.

  • Hugh you are just a hoe...

  • End it as soon as possible. Delaying it is like calling for more trouble


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