I want to rip the head off my ex?

I can't stand my ex husband, I feel like wanting to rip his head off. Sometimes there are things we need to text about, I start the quarrel and it's like I feed of it, I get so angry everytime I talk to him that I don't even care what I write, even if I feel a bit guilty and immature. It's been a long time since we were together, it was me who broke up and other than that I am doing very good. He was abusive when we were together, he was violent and also emotionally abusive. We took a break where he changed but it was still unhealthy and I had lost respect.

So now we are here long timer afterthe divorce. I am fine but sometimes there are things we need to text eachother about, I start quarrelling with him and I don't know this bad mouth I get. I am never like this normally. What should I do? The reason we sometimes need to text is because we have a child, i have full custody but sometimes he needs information even if he only see her a few times a year. Awful decisions in my past, awful incidents too, but we arepast that now nothing to do, only the anger i feel towards him.

Sorry if it is poorly written, it is written on my phone and English is not my first language. And if somebody should think otherwise, I would never talk bad about my childs father in front of my child.


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  • Then? When you going to meet him?

    • Of course i am not doing it. I just can't stand him and we need to be in contact, phone, sometimes. I always let the anger get the best of me and I don't know what to do.

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    • Thinking like that does make me want not to sound like that, because we really are finished.

    • There you go :) your welcome :)
      I would have said hi on pm but the app doesn't allow me for some reason.. New here

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  • counseling might help. but if your just talking for the sake of information he needs for your child, keep it short and simple, keep it calm, and be a bigger person. angrer towards him only affects you and affects you negatively and you don't need that.

    • Yes it really affects me in those moments and it makes me almost crazy when we first start.

    • just try to be as civil as possibly. don't let him get to you anymore

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  • You re contact with your ex-husband exists because of your child. Think of your child when the memory of him makes you so angry. I mean that s the sacrifice you make, not for your ex-husband, but for your child. Perhaps keeping that in mind will make it easier.


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  • Why are you talking to your abusive ex husband?

    • Because we got a child when we were together.

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