Does he want to work it out?

I did something that made my boyfriend very mad. I told someone something about him that I shouldn't have. I screwed up and it was my fault and apologized, yet I am unable to change the past. When I told him he walked out and left. Then an hour or so later he texted, why's and such. Again I said I was sorry. The next day, I didn't hear from him until late in the evening. He said," that he didn't really think I was sorry" and asked more why questions. Again I said I was sorry. Then this morning he asked my why questions... I am not sure if we are broke up? Usually, he is the kind of guy to just cut someone out but he still is texting me. I am curious, if anyone has any ideas of what this means? Does he still want to work on things?


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  • You would know better, but the question doesn't provide enough information to make a proper judgment, in my estimation. Is this behavior out of character for him? How long have you been together for? How big of a deal was the thing you told on him? Do you love him? Are you attempting to contact/meet him? Have you done something like this in the past?

    Answer these questions and maybe the picture will get a bit clearer. =/

    • He has never been mad at me like this, but in the past with another girlfriend he would have just been done. 5 years. It was a pretty big deal. Yes, I really do love him. I am only replying to his texts right now... I thought maybe he needed time to cool off. Should I be trying to contact him? No, I haven't done anything like this in the past.

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    • ok, I wil try that and let you know. Thank you

    • My pleasure. I truly hope the tension eases up soon.

      - Just to be clear, my last paragraph lists examples of things you must NOT say.
      - The 2nd quote was intended to be "I cannot believe you are NOT speaking with..."; missed the operative word there!!

  • Sounds like he does. He may be uncomfortable with what you said. Be cooperative.

  • ask him


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