Is my Ex coming back?

So, my ex said he moved on didn't want to be friends or anything because I couldn't get over him. One point he said he did want to be friends and maybe we'd days in the future. So when we broke up he blocked me on Facebook and unfriended snapchat. Well, HIS friends (that I never hang out with or talk to) because they're HIS friends, she invited me to a camping trip for 3 days for her husbands birthday and my ex was invited as well. I messaged her and told her I do miss him, she said "Awhh have you told him?" I said he blocked me but I hoped he may come around she said, "Maybe he will come around soon" his mom also messaged me (she loves me we talk often) and said "Hey have you found anyone yet?" I asked her if it would be weird if I went since he may be there she said "I'm sure he knows you're coming because they've probably talked about the trip you should go if you want :)" what does this mean? I'm so confused


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  • bad idea they are all forcing you to try again with him but there is no point reliving a toxic chain, if you go itll bring up more confusing feelings


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