How do I know when I'm over him and how do I get over him?

Title says it all
The thing is we're in love but for a long story I dont wanna get into, we can't be together. So how do I get this sorted out. Its almost summer and Im in love with someone I can't have


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  • You've already said you can't be together.
    You're young, the whole world is left to explore.

    Don't fish in a lake, when you have the ocean on your doorstep.

    • Im not fit for the ocean yet.

  • try to get your mind on something else. Puppy is the best solution. If you can not afford, volunteer in animal shelter. You would love it. Besides, work on yourself, hobbies etc.


What Girls Said 1

  • Can you just "get over" being in love?

    • Im trying to. Got no choice

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    • You dont get the situation. Its complicated. I dont wanna explain a year long story

    • How complicated? Try me. Give me a chance to understand.

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