What happens when you can't see yourself with anyone else?

I was dating this guy for 2 months and something happened on my part which caused some things to not work out till this day. Even though we're not talking as before i just don't see myself being with anyone else. Not that I'm stuck on him or the fact that nothing is the same but me imagining it is torture. Any advice? Why do I feel this way?


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  • Well, what I can say is that you still like this guy but this liking of yours is not at the highest where it turns to love, and so you still like him enough and that's why you cannot imagine him being with someone else, but you don't like him so much that you yourself want to be with him.

    It's a complex thing that you are going through and you are not alone, this is a common issue and many people go though it.

  • I think you haven't gotten over him fully in order for you to date other guys. You still have strong feelings for him.

  • Then you live a lonely life if you don't move on


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