What happened? Please read all?

So he showed all the signs of liking me like being flirty, super supportive, jealous about other guys. and even my guy best friend said this certain guy who I'm good friends with obviously liked me and that this guy cares heaps and I could tell that is true. We got into a bit of a fight and he said look (insert my name here) Sorry I don't want to talk to you. And then later he's like I don't know I just think I shouldn't be talking to you
If you want to talk to me maybe say it in person
Otherwise don't text me again
And then later he said bye (insert my name here) so I said I thought we were good friends cause I don't know he gets mad when I say we're friends and He hardly ever uses my name, I always thought he never wanted to talk in person and I don't know what he means by most of it.


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  • This happened to me with my guy best friend for many years he was my guy bestfriend. Using ur name in the statement is basically he trying to act like he serious about what he's saying. Just go about your way. Then you'll see he's going to come back. They always do. Just don't speak to him that's what he asked so don't bother he'll come back

    • Thanks heaps for the advice, you're right, he texted me and said yeah sorry I've been in a bad mood, I think I over exaggerated last night. And he said sorry again. I feel kinda bad cause my friends all say he likes me cause of a bunch of stuff he's done and does and I kinda like him too but when we were fighting, before then we had never called each friends, I don't know why, like we are friends but we don't say friends and he gets annoyed when I say friends. So I said I thought we were friends and yeah I don't think he was happy bout that tbh. Things are kinda weird now, like I feel like I blew it even if we are slightly talking again.

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