Ex girlfriend was giving signals she wanted to get back together but when I try to get closer she acts different. What does she want?

The last couple weeks my ex girlfriend was giving me signals to get back together, like touching me more, asking and giving kisses on the cheek, asking to do something together and even wanted to visit my grandparents together. She also tried to add me as a friend on fb but i told her i didn't want that while we aren't together, now i asked her to talk about getting back together but she sais she isn't sure about it because she's afraid it will not last forever and what other people will say (we split up 1 time before) also she sais I've changed to much (not true in my opinion only got some new clothes and haircut). I really have no idea what she wants now or what i should do and hoping someone can help me understand it.

thanks in advance


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  • she just likes having you around and the convenience of the relationship. I've been wrong before but new clothes and hair doesn't change who someone is. she's making up excuses.

    • That's also what I've told her, so she just wants to keep me around for when she needs the stability and security of being together?

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    • So what your saying is that she will use me to have fun that weekend but just act distant again afterwards?

  • She wants you back. So, I guess you should date her.

    • Well i asked her to do something comming Sunday and talk about getting back together but she refused and said she wants to talk the Friday after but that she doesn't really think we will get back together

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    • True, it's not the only reason but she is a major motivation to try and make it work also because we didn't have any big problems when we broke up

    • Good luck to you and your daughter 🙂

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  • She wants the validation that your attention gives her. She also wants to make you want her so she can get the ego boost from that.

    Best course of action is to cease all contact with her.

    • That's difficult since we have a child together, so you think she doesn't mean anything but just wants attention?

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